The Three Key Stages of CoCreate…



Each user is given their own unique login for CoCreate. These login details allow you to access your work from anywhere on any device.

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You can then see your dashboard where you can create or open sessions. They show your content and can be shared with other users in order to view or add to your work.


Inside a session you are able to maintain multiple workspaces much like tabs on an Excel Spreadsheet. These allow unlimited spaces but keep things organised and easy to find.

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The Four Key Elements of CoCreate...

1. Content in CoCreate currently supports images, pdfs and videos. These files will be available to everyone in the session and will remain in your assets folder.

CoCreate Content picture

2. The main menu has several features on the menu that will help optimise your experience:

CoCreate Menu bar picture

Takes you back to your home menu at any time.

Switch Workspace
Lets you create and move between workspaces.

Asset Menu
Brings up your folder of uploaded files.

Create Post-It-Note
Creates a post-it note onto your workspace.

Annotation Menu
Gives you a range of pens and colours to write with.

Lasso Select
Allows you to select multiple objects to move or copy.

Lets cut or copied items be pasted.

Close All
Allows you to close all the objects on screen.


3. In Your Workspace all participants can draw on or over anything that is already on the screen. You can also click on any of your assets to bring up its menu in order to directly make changes to the asset itself.

CoCreate workspace example picture

4. Autosaved working means all your work will remain how you left it even if you log in from a new device. This allows you to prepare workspaces before meetings or workshops and pick up where you left off at any point.

CoCreate autosaved work picture