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CoCreate is a visual collaboration software tool for enterprises.

It brings your people, data and applications together globally.


We connect your team anywhere, at any time.

CoCreate allows teams to collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world. It gives you unlimited space to brainstorm, analyse and design with your team, and intuitive tools to gather feedback from clients and colleagues. 

Designed for teams, built for Enterprise.

CoCreate combines a simple interface designed for everyone, with enterprise security and flexible hosting options.

Structure your workshop.

CoCreate gives you as many working areas as you need for your workshop. Whether it is for a 2 hour brainstorm or a 6 month project, CoCreate's simple templates and workshop functions will ensure you stay productive and on track.

Template stack.png

It's your favourite project space made digital.

Connect your team

Share your work

CoCreate allows users to share their sessions with their team instantly. Choose from a range of permission levels depending on how you want people to interact.

Manage Users

Manage your licences and users through a simple but powerful admin interface.

You can also apply custom branding to your organisation.

Hosting Options


CoCreate is available as a fully managed cloud software solution hosted on our encrypted Microsoft Azure servers


If you would like to manage your own hosting we can deploy CoCreate privately for you. It can be run on your on-premise servers, or on your IaaS solution of choice like Azure or AWS.

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