Collaborate Smarter, Create Together.

Collaborate Smarter,
Create Together.

CoCreate is a collaboration and engagement software tool.

It brings content, data, and ideas into a single digital environment transforming the way people work. It’s the best parts of a project wall, agile working board, whiteboard, and ideas surface in one. You can run thinking exercises with your team and come back to them whenever and from wherever you want.

Simple & Efficient

Diagram of all content on a single digital platform

CoCreate allows you to place all your content onto a single canvas so that you can then present or reference any of the information that is relevant quickly and easily.

Collective Vision

Diagram of common visualisation

By working on a common visualisation of the problem with all of your material in the same place you can accelerate decisions, find insights and bring your teams together.

Accelerated Decisions

Diagram showing how CoCreate can accelerate decisions

When a team can view the same plan, idea or problem visually and work on it together they create more ideas, iterate faster, and leave feeling ownership of a solution.